User feedback

User feedback

“The very best money I have ever spent in my business is the senior newsletter I obtain from your firm…it never fails to generate $15-20k of commissions each mailing.”

Bill B., Olympia, WA

“…I had a client call me last week in response to your monthly newsletter..He invested 225,000 with another 90,000 coming next week. I made over $30,000.”

William D., Sioux City, IA

“Then out of the blue he says to me ‘you know, I’ve been reading your newsletters, and I really like them. I’m going to switch all my accounts over to you.’ About two weeks later we met. …His total accounts were almost $500,000. Now he just referred a doctor friend of his to me, and I’m seeing him next week.”

Jim C., CFP, Stuart, FL

“We have been using NFComs print newsletter system and have been very pleased with the flexibility and adaptability of the format and articles to target our market. How easy it is to ask someone for their email address to receive our newsletter. We also like the easy process of adding one email address after another to our list and then uploading one time a month. I am on a constant lookout for people to add to our list because the price never goes up and our reach just continues to grow.”

Thomas I., Novi, MI

“We signed a transfer paperwork and applications during the first call, I’ll soon receive a $284,000.00 rollover and I’ll have a nice juicy check for $25,560.00! Not too bad for a one call close!”

Chris P., Plymouth, MN

“I have been using the Senior Finances monthly newsletter and 5 of the Personalized Booklets since I started my practice just one year ago. I have never seen an easier way to establish credibility and find quality leads… The newsletter, booklets, and your seminar systems are my ONLY source of gathering clients and building my business. It really works!”

Scott H., Reading, PA

“My first call came from Mollie…The newsletter prompted her to call me about the $150,000 she had. The money was moved into her assets that I managed.”

Gary C., Ashford, CT

“I have received 7 phone calls and set appointments with 5 qualified, ready to act prospects. In all, I will probably close about $500k of new annuity/investment business (not to mention a few LTC policies). This is all business that I probably would have never seen if not for sending out the newsletter.”

Colin M., Baltimore, MD

“My first newsletter generated a call from 85 year old lady with $245,000 in a personal annuity, requesting “annuity owner opportunities”, which was mailed to her. Result was proposal she withdraw a lump sum or $213,000, pay the federal and state income taxes and invest $160,000 after taxes into a $300,000 ul life policy and still leave $32,000 in the annuity which she plans to leave to charity.”

William J. Charleston, WV

“Just a note to let you know that in the short time that I have been using your newsletter I have picked up an additional $300,000 in assets under management.”

Tom T., Stonybrook, NY

“The content of the newsletters was very well written, and helped me to supply valuable information to my clients.  I recommend this to any advisor that is looking to stay in better contact with his clients and grow his business.”

Mike R., Omaha, NE

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