Automated Email Marketing Twist

Automated Email Marketing Twist

Our newsletter comes with a benefit not found in any other newsletter

We advertise our newsletter directly to mature consumers (age 50+). Those consumers are offered a free subscription at

Those consumers who seek to get a newsletter covering retirement financial topics may opt-in to get a free subscription.

If these prospects are in your area (within 20 miles), these prospects are assigned to you, will get included in your newsletter subscriber list, and hopefully become future clients.

It is simply free marketing for you.

Please do not mistake the newsletter for a lead service (see for leads).

We don’t know how many, if any, consumers from your ZIP Codes will request the newsletter. But if we do get such consumers who opt-in, they could become your new clients.

This is an extra small benefit we supply, not found in any other client/prospect newsletter offered to financial advisors and life insurance agents.

Over 10,000 Prospects Request This Newsletter Each Year!

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