Financial Advisor Newsletter Features

Financial Advisor Newsletter Features

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed below some of the frequently asked questions. Please click on the question to view the answer. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to ask us using our online contact form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an existing account, please LOG IN first and see the FAQs found inside your account. There are many questions and answers not listed in the public FAQs exclusive to existing clients.

When is the EMAIL newsletter sent?
The EMAIL newsletter is emailed once a month to your entire subscriber list. This date is currently the 3rd of each month.
How often are articles added or removed?
Articles are added through the year as we receive the FINRA review letters. We update all articles every December for tax changes, etc. Articles are removed when they no longer apply–when they cannot be updated and the topic is no longer useful to consumers.
Who should I send the EMAIL Newsletter to?
The email version of the SeniorFinances Newsletter is designed to drip on those prospects or “suspects” that are not already your clients. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to turn potential clients into actual appointments. All you need is a name and an email address, and we’ll send your customized financial e-newsletter each month. Each email newsletter includes an easy way for your prospect to respond for more information.
What happens when a subscribers forewards one of the articles to someone else?
The person to whom the article was forwarded gets an email from their friend with the article in the body. You also get an email with the first name, last name and email address of the party who received the forwarded article, and this person is automatically added to your subscriber list.
Can I copy the articles and use them on my web site?
The articles can only be used in the form of the newsletter. If you want a license to use our FINRA reviewed articles in other ways, please send a message to bobrichards at Senior Finances stating

  1. how many articles you would like to license
  2. how the articles will be used (e.g. on a web site, as an email, etc.)
  3. the topics of the articles you would like to license.
Can I add a link from articles back to my own website?
Yes, you can. You can create your own “custom articles” and add them to your library, and within these articles, you can link back to your own website if you desire.
Do I get notified when a subscriber unsubscribes (or refers)?
Yes, when a subscriber unsubscribes, they will not be mailed again by the newsletter system and you get a notice. Similarly, when a subscriber sends an article to a friend, you get an email with the referred person’s information. Additionally, when a prospect in your area wants the newsletter and is added to your database, you will get an email.
How do I get assistance?

First, please watch these video tutorials. Thye are shoirt and explain every aspect of creating and sending your newsletter.

If you have questions after watching the videos, use the “contact us” link and send a message. Please use this rather than calling as we do not have phone support.

From what address is the newsletter sent?

The “from” address is ([email protected])

Therefore, to avoid spam filters, it would be helpful if your subscribers knew this email was coming and whitelisted as an allowed domain in their email filters.

How many articles can I select to send per EMAIL newsletter?

You can select up to three ARTICLES to send per newsletter, per month.

You can choose from over 300 “pre-written” FINRA reviewed articles, or write your own articles and save these to a custom library, so you can mix and match articles if you desire.

How do I upload my subscriber list?

You can enter the names and email manually, one at a time, or upload a comma separated list. Make sure that your subscribers’ information is in the correct order before you upload your contact list:
First Name, Last Name, Email Address
(John,Jones,[email protected]).
The system can accept either comma delimited csv files or .txt files. Most contact management software can export to these formats. In the “My Subscribers” section, you may download an example csv format.

How do I import my prospects from my Seniorleads account?
Simply click on the “My Subscribers” link on the left hand navigation, and when you get to that page, click on the blue “Add Subscribers” button on the right. This will take you to a page with three options for creating new subscribers. Option 3 is “Import from your Seniorleads account”. Enter your user name and password for your Seniorleads account in the appropriate fields, and hit “Import”. Any prospects you have received since you last imported your list will be added automatically to you Newsletter subscriber list.
How do you generate the free subscribers included with the service?

People come to our site because they do a search on a keyphrase such as “retirement newsletter.” The searches by consumers on this keyphrase is low and we don’t control that. Google shows that an average of 73 people a month in the US do a search on that phrase. These are people are generally looking for financial information, and want to receive a monthly resource.

People also may visit our consumer blog on retirement financial issues: On the right side of every page is an offer to subscribe to the newsletter. About 20,000 people visit this site every month and based on experience, about 1% will click on any offer. We cannot control how many people click to subscribe.

Finally, we have the newsletter listed as a co-registration option when consumers register for other newsletters. For example, if a consumer registers for a related newsletter, say one on health issues for people 50+, on the “thank you” page that confirms their order, they will be offered to opt into other newsletters and our offer may be on that list.

We do not email people or market to them actively in any way. Therefore, anyone that subscribes to the newsletter is doing so by choice, not incentivized or convinced by us to sign up in any way.

How many free subscribers can I expect to receive on a monthly basis?

There is no possible way to tell how many prospects will be in your area that opt into the newsletter. All of the marketing is national and never focused on a specific area.

We have no control or way to estimate the number of consumers who subscribe as described below. The newsletter is NOT a lead generation tool. The newsletter is NOT a lead service.

The fact that we take action to pass along to you those subscribers in your area who request the newsletter is icing on the cake and not the cake. It is merely an extra and should not be considered a major feature of the newsletter.

It all depends on the geographic area that you live and the demographics of the surrounding cities or towns. The default radius is 20 miles around the zip code you select when you first set up your account, so there may be a large population or a small population in this area. We advertise on a national level, so we don’t do any specific advertising in local areas. You may receive up to 10 free prospects a month, or you may get none. We do not guarantee ANY free prospects with our service, but attempt to provide as much coverage and promotion as we reasonably can.

NOTE: Free prospects are ONLY provide those who register for an annual subscription.

Can I change the zip code and radius of my “free subscriber” territory?
No. Once you are registered and choose your central zip code and radius, it is set for the life of your account. This is to prevent others from “picking off” subscribers from surrounding territories.
What happens to emails that cannot be delivered?
Undeliverable emails will be returned to your contact emaill address. Be sure to delete or otherwise update these addresses in your subscriber data base.
I’m having trouble logging into my account. What do I do?

Enter your user name and login password from the home page of senior- If you see an error message displayed, check to make sure you don’t have “cap lock” on, and try your password again. If you don’t know your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link, and you will be emailed your password at the address we have on file.

If you still cannot log into your account, please click the “Contact Us” link on the left.

How do I upload my photo?
To upload your photo:

  1. Click on the “Upload Photo” button found under the “Edit Profile” page.
  2. Click “Browse” and select the file you want to upload. Your file will need to be saved somewhere on your local hard drive, or removable media. Remember that the file must be a recognizable graphics type (.gif, .jpg, .png), and be at least 200px by 200px large.
  3. Click “Upload File”.

You will receive a message that the file has been uploaded, and be able to preview by mousing over the thumbnail.

How do I build my email list?

There are many ways to build your email list. Of course, you will want to start out with your existing client database, but from there, you can easily expand your list using various methods:

  1. Ask your current clients if they belong to any clubs or organizations. They may be willing to give you an email list of all the members.
  2. At your library, you can find a copy of the “SRDS” Direct Marketing List Source (your library may have this service on-line from a PC at the library).
  3. Run inexpensive ads on local senior web sites.
  4. Have a form on your own website that advertises a free newsletter.
  5. Subscribe to the Seniorleads System, and automatically import your prospect information from this additional prospecting service (this is a separate service for additional cost).

As a registered subscriber, you receive free prospects when available. We do the marketing for you, and these requests are automatically added to your account when you sign up for a zip code and radius through the “Edit Profile” area.

How do I tell if the newsletter went out?

The best thing to do is add yourself to your subscriber list. Simply add your name and email to your subscriber list, and you will receive the newsletter when it goes out. You can also add your wife, husband, or other close relative.

Newsletter “stats” can also be found on the home page of your account. At the bottom there is a section “Newsletter Dispatch History” where you can see the history of the newsletters that have been sent out in the last 6 months.

How much does this cost?

Annual subscription for a full year of service is $799 You save $158). This includes a maximum subscriber list of 2000, Free prospects assigned to your account when available, and the free report on how to build your email list. Or, you can pay month to month for $79: maximum subscriber list is 1,000 and no free prospects assigned.

We will never share or use the articles you author in any way, shape or form. Once your account expires, or you cancel your account, these articles will be erased, so be sure to have them backed up somewhere else.

Can I create my own articles?

Yes! You can create and save your own custom articles to include in your newsletter. You can save these articles to your own custom “library”, so you can mix and match with preset articles, or create the entire newsletter from scratch.

We will never share or use the articles you author in any way, shape or form. Once your account expires, or you cancel your account, these articles will be erased, so be sure to have them backed up somewhere else.

Can I send the newsletter as a print newsletter?

Yes. Add yourself as a subscriber (or as the test email recipient) and get a copy of the newsletter to your own email. Then print that.

However, a few issues:

The newsletter is formatted for email delivery and likely does not look good when printed. Therefore, it may be a better idea to cut and paste the articles into a template designed for printing (the advisor must create his own template or download from the web -search “newsletter template”)

Because the newsletter is designed for email, it has some features which cannot be replicated when mailing. At the end of each article are links to request additional information and forward to a friend.

Many years ago, we issued the newsletter in both an email and printed format. Because the email format has superior features (and almost no advisors were using the print format), we no longer format for printing

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