Advisor and Agent Feedback

Advisor and Agent Feedback

    • Trent B. CPA, CFP

      I had the licenses and credentials, but it wasn’t until I started sending out your newsletter on a regular monthly basis that my financial advisory and annuity business took off! My income more than doubled last year, due to your newsletter messages, and I expect no less this year — keep up the good work!

    • Neal F, Woodland Hills, United Planners

      I had a client with a small account that I had not spoken to in over 2 years – but I kept him on the mailing list anyway. He contacted me out of the blue because he had an annuity that came due. He said that he is always thinking about me when it comes to money because I always contact him through my newsletters. AN hour later, the paperwork was done and we rolled over his $126,000 annuity.


    • Bill B., Olympia, WA

      The very best money I have ever spent in my business is the senior newsletter I obtain from your firm…it never fails to generate $15-20k of commissions each mailing.


    • William D., Sioux City, IA

      I had a client call me last week in response to your monthly newsletter. He invested $225,000 with another $90,000 coming next week. I made over $30,000.


    • Tom T., Stonybrook, NY

      Just a note to let you know that in the short time that I have been using your newsletter, I have picked up an additional $300,000 in assets under management.


    • W. J. Davis

      Just wanted to let you know that I had a client call me last week in response to your monthly newsletter. They have been clients for 10 years. My last contact with them was a while back. He called and said he and some money to invest and would I stop and see him next week. I saw him yesterday. He invested 225,000 with another 90,000 coming next week. I made over $30,000. He stated that the last newsletter (Jan.) persuaded him to invest with me. This alone should persuade every agent to send a newsletter. I get more comments about the newsletter from my clients than anything else. Keep up the good work.


    • Ric Weldon

      I’ve been using one of those “feel good newsletters for years, and no one ever responded. I guess I should be happy that they feel good about me. Now I use your newsletter, and just got my first response. It’s from an existing client that had purchased Long Term Care Insurance from the company where he works. He now realizes that his policy has no inflation protection, and the premium is not fixed, so he want to buy a better policy from me. Since he is the sales manager for the district, he has suggested that I come to the office on Friday morning and make a short presentation to the team about the difference between real long term care, and the annually renewable junk policy that’s being offered by their benefits department. Looks like a good business opportunity to me.Thanks.


    • S. Hopkins, Independent Planner

      In response to newsletter article “Data Shows Investors Select Funds Using Incorrect Criteria” a wealthy doctor, age 72, who had attended my seminar nearly one year prior to newsletter responded. I called him and ultimately ended up with all his financial info. His net worth exceeds $7mm, mostly in QUALIFIED ltd partnership real estate. We are in process, (working with his attorney) of setting up a CRT with wealth replacement trust funded by a 2nd-to-die policy which will pay about $50,000 commission. I also picked up about $360,000 in assets under management.


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